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‘E-Sport Analytic’ the new challenge of Sportlyze

E-sport that has been a trend and people were talking about in these recent years is now become one of the official sports that is widely accepted to be a part of international sports events like 2018 Asian Games in Indonesia and 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo. According to the information from Newzoo, E-Sport is not something new. More than 1.3 billion people acknowledge about e-sport and it will become 1.8 billion people in 2020. In 2020, there will be approximately 530 million people that watch e-sport and 52% would be people from age between 18-24 years old and 44% will be those who watch the live sport that they do not play. In present days, E-sport player becomes one of the most popular careers among people. That’s why Sportlyze, which is a company that develops technology for sports and e-sport, is aware of the importance of using information to optimize the efficient games for e-sport players and for those who wish to become the next e-sport players in the future. As well as the traditional sports that require the collection of information about the games and practicing procedure, this information will be used to improve the strategy of the game and to analyze the competitors in order to beat them. The games will be recorded in video and will be watched later to collect the data in many aspects of the game. For instance, the football games, there is a technology that can collect individual data of each player. In the football games, the information that can be collected such as the information about their running style in each game, the movements in the field of each player. This kind of information can apply to improve the development of the team. In e-sport, it is also necessary to collect the information to adapt to implementing interesting statistics in order to learn from the game and the competitors. The statistics data can be used in other aspects as well such as finding the new interesting player, being information sources for news reporters, commentators, or games developers. The analysts have to cooperate with the coach to plan the strategy and analyze the strengths and weaknesses for football players.